My Daughter With Down Syndrome Is More Than the Girl With the Pink Headphones

“I know who she is! She’s the pink headphones girl!”

Ah, yes. The pink headphones girl. I hear you. You’re talking about the headphones that help her cope with situations that make her feel overwhelmed. In addition to Down syndrome, she also has sensory processing disorder (SPD). I understand why the pink headphones may be the first thing you notice.

But please don’t stop there. If you do, you will miss:

The girl who pays attention to everyone around her and notices when they are upset. She feels very deeply. Don’t miss that.

The girl who loves to read and loves to learn. She is so very capable of learning. Don’t miss that.

The girl who loves to sing. She may be a bit difficult to understand but she knows the lyrics to so many songs it will take you by surprise. Don’t miss that.

The girl who loves to dance and has some serious moves. Don’t miss that.

The girl who loves animals and loves to learn about animals. She probably knows more facts about animals and their characteristics than the average adult. Don’t miss that.

The girl who loves to be around people — on her terms. She is easily overwhelmed so it may be easy to dismiss her as not wanting to be involved or included. She craves interaction in small groups and one-on-one time with people. Don’t miss that.

The girl who is tough as nails. Every week she sits still while her mama sticks two needles into her body so she can receive the immunoglobin therapy that she needs. She never complains. Despite everything she endures she keeps a good attitude and is encouraging to others. Don’t miss that.

Please don’t miss her.

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