Cancer Warrior: Your Star Will Never Fade

How do you stand so tall?

How do you walk so proud?

How do you smile easily?

How do you laugh so beautifully?

How do you comfort others?

How do you shine with such grace?

With such class?

With such dignity?

I used to ask my wife those questions.

The ultimate cancer warrior.

She fought so hard.

So bravely.

With a spirit that left the world in awe.

And now, I’m asking you.

You: the cancer warrior.

How do you do it?

To say I admired her, well, that would be the ultimate of understatements.

To say I admire you, well, that would be of the same.

She amazed me.

You amaze me.

Her spirit.

Your spirit.

Her grit.

Your grit.

Her strength.

Your strength.

Her heart.

Your heart.

Her fight.

Your fight.

I was in awe of her.

I am in awe of you.

But, with that said, I do have a confession to make.

I know.

She told me.

My wife, that is.

She told me she was tired… of standing so tall.

She told me she was tired…of putting on a brave face.

She told me she was tired… of being so strong.

So, I know.

I know you’re tired… of the battle.

The battle you never asked for.

I know you’re tired… of the fear.

The fear you never thought you would face.

I know you’re tired… of the admiration.

The admiration you never sought.

I know you’re tired, of being “the person with cancer.”

I know.

So, I say this:

When you can, stand tall.

When you can, walk proud.

When you can, smile easily.

When you can, laugh beautifully.

When you can, comfort others.

When you can, shine with grace, class and dignity.

And, when you can’t: don’t.

Be vulnerable.

Be tired.

Be weak.

You are a hero.

And your star will never fade.

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Getty Images photo via m-gucci

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