To Those Who Call Disabled People 'Cute'

To the people who call disabled people “cute,”

We are a lot more than that. I am 28 years old. I have always been called cute and most likely will be forever, and I am OK with that. But what I am not OK with, and what bothers me about the word “cute” being used towards people with disabilities is how it gets thrown around a lot. It’s fine when you’re a baby or a little kid, but when you’re an adult and you’re just trying to do what makes you happy and become a productive member of society… is that cute? No. That is normal; that is what every person disabled or non-disabled wants and deserves.

I once had someone say to me, “You need to own that you’re cute,” but honestly why should I own something just because others describe me that way? I think we should own our accomplishments and what we are able to contribute to our lives and to the lives of those around us. That is what we should be proud of, rather then being called cute.

I want you to think the next time you see a disabled person and think “Aww they’re so cute.” Instead, see we have much more to offer the world.

Someone Who Is More Than Cute

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