13 Memes You Might Relate to If Your Child Receives Special Education

Navigating the world of special education is not for the faint of heart. There are laws to learn, supports to request and IEPs. For those of us who parent children receiving special education services, much of the process can feel like a battle.

Yet once in a while you find a meme or comic that closely resonates with how you feel about special education.

When I found “The Parent Side,” I realized the creator, Colleen Tomko, spoke “my language.” Her cartoons and Facebook memes express so much of how I feel in this journey.

So I set out to find more of my favorite memes on special education and share them with you:

1. Every student has strengths. Standardized testing limits potential.

image via Pinterest

2. “Clearing the path for [students with disabilities] clears the path for everyone.”

image via Pinterest

3. Are students with disabilities truly welcomed in schools?

image via The Parent Side

4. Inclusion should be the standard, not the exception.

image via The Parent Side

5. Sometimes special education does not make sense.

image via The Parent Side

6. The problem with standardized tests:


7. Supports should be given to each student according to their needs.

8. What if special education interventions focused on a child’s strengths?

9. Students with disabilities should be as valued as other students in all schooling activities.

image via The Parent Side

10. Get to know the person, first.

image via The Parent Side

11. “Special education is a service, not a place.”

image via Facebook

12. All students can be included.

image via Facebook

13. Inclusion is more than a classroom.

image via Facebook

Editor’s note: Images from “The Parent Side” used with permission. All “The Parent Side” images are copyrighted and may not be copied or altered in any form. Reprints are available at The Parent Side: theparentside.com. Please contact the artist, Colleen Tomko, at [email protected] if you have any questions about use.

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