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How I'll Practice Positivity This New Year as a Caretaker With Chronic Illness

Having a chronic condition (I have Chiari malformation), I know it is sometimes hard to remain positive… but I try, and I am going to go into 2018 keeping positivity on my daily to-do list.

I understand the problems of trying to remain positive when in the throes of a chronic illness flare-up, but since I am also a caretaker for a person with several chronic illnesses (my husband of 40 years), it makes it even harder. Last week I was sitting at the computer ready to burst into tears – I couldn’t explain why because that is unlike me – so I got up, grabbed my purse and told my husband (who was sleeping) that I would be back shortly. I went and got my hair cut. Honestly it changed the whole way my day/week/month had been going. I felt lighter and happier than I had in days.

I realized I get so wrapped up in doctor appointments and problems dealing with my recent flare-up and change of medications as well as my husband’s continuous problems that I forget to take care of myself. The haircut proved to me that doing something for myself is fine. If I fail to take care of myself, I can’t be a good caretaker.

Remember to put yourself first sometimes. It’s OK to do. You deserve it! Let’s meet 2018 with a fresh outlook on things we can do to stay positive.

Happy New Year everyone!

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