A Poem to My Son With a Facial Difference

See You With Their Heart

I understand the staring
You’re a very special child
I know that they’ll be curious
Questions running through their mind

But it makes me sad to see them
As they turn and walk away
They leave with never hearing
All the things I have to say

All the things they’d learn from you
In just a moment of their time
How you’d make them smile and touch their heart
In the way you complete mine

They’d see you’re so much like them
And such a gorgeous boy
Without a thought of hurt or hate
Just gratitude and joy

How much you love to say hello
And show the world your smile
How brave you’ve been. How far you’ve come
How you make my life worthwhile

How difference is a good thing
As it sets us all apart
How a pretty face is wasted
If it’s on an ugly heart

How much our lives are richer
When we take each other’s hand
The beauty of acceptance
As we learn and understand

I feel sad for them when they walk off
They just don’t realise
The gift they missed in seeing you
With their heart and not their eyes

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