15 Encouraging Tweets Parents of Kids With Disabilities Should Read on Tough Days

Being a parent is perhaps the hardest job I’ve ever had to do. When I became a parent of children with disabilities, I not only had the “typical” parenting dilemmas, I also had to deal with insurance, figuring out special education, IEPs and education laws (such as IDEA and FRAPE), finding providers and services in our area, as well as private therapies to help my kids.

Not to mention, I am a terrible housekeeper and the whole “what’s for dinner?” is one of my least favorite daily activities. Coming home from spending the day visiting different specialists or after days at a hospital, those everyday responsibilities can feel too heavy to carry.

If you parent kids — any kids, really — there will be days when you feel down and you might wonder how you can possibly “keep it together.” On those days, these might be statements you need to hear:
















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