How the Movie 'My Left Foot' Enabled Me to Dream Again

The movie “My Left Foot,” based on the life of Christy Brown, arrived in theaters in 1989. Even though I watched it long after, I still remember the profound impact it made upon my soul and entire being.

“My Left Foot” is a movie about a man who was born with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.  The only limb he could control was his left foot. With the support of his mother and family, Christy would go on to write books and poems using only the little toe of his left foot, despite the constant abuse of others and the intolerance of society in general.

As I watched him struggle and fight to overcome the many obstacles of his disability and get his story out and onto paper for the world to see, I began to realize I could do something significant in this world, despite the challenges of my disability.

Would it be difficult?  Absolutely.

Would it require tenacity? Definitely!

I was no stranger to either. I had been forced to give up my dream of becoming an RN when chronic pain set in to my knees in 1988, due to three botched knee surgeries. I spent a year in my parents’ home, deeply depressed. My lifelong dream lay shattered at my feet, and I was terrified because this was all I had ever wanted to do.

I remember I gave myself an ultimatum:  “You are at a crossroads, either choose to give up and live on Provincial Disability for the remainder of your life, or go back to college and get your Office Administration Certificate!”  I chose the later and in 1990, I graduated.  I was able then to pursue work in a different branch of healthcare – clerical administration.  I did that successfully for 21 years until the effects of my cerebral palsy took a major toll and I ended up on long-term disability at the age of 43.

I spent months in depression. I felt useless, as a “non-contributing member of society” and that did not sit well at all.  I was not made to be a housewife and watch TV. I remembered this movie during many hours of reflection. It inspired me to look at other options, and I took courses online and became a Certified Professional Coach.

Today, I run my own business as a Christian Inner Healing Coach, public speaker and writer.  I have been able to become an entrepreneur and combine all of my gifts.  I am now content because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am doing exactly what I believe God created me to do.

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Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

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