Autism and Finding a True Best Friend

Being an adult with autism, I have overcome a lot, but to this day I still struggle with knowing the difference between a good friend and someone who wants to take advantage. However I’ve been lucky to have my best friend, Frank, come into my life, and he has taught me what a good friend is, and along with Frank, his wife Cathy has become a friend to me too.

Each day if I struggle or need to vent a frustration, both Frank and Cathy are two people with whom I have a sense of comfort. I know I’m safe and I have two people outside of my family I can trust. Every week out of Frank’s busy schedule he calls just just to check in to see how I’m doing, and on Fridays he and Cathy alway makes time to visit me.

Frank has always taught me you don’t need a big circle of friends. You just need a few real ones, and you are set. Recently in my life I came to the realization that some people weren’t really my friend or they just didn’t care about me, but Frank and Cathy… they’ve always been there and have never left my side.

As I continue this journey I call my life, all I’ve wanted was a good best friend, and I think I got lucky. Frank and Cathy have changed my life for the better and have made me realize I’m cared about. They have closed a hole in my heart that was damaged by people who took advantage of me. Thank you, Frank and Cathy, for walking into my life and helping me and most of all never leaving my side. Frank, you’ll always be a best friend and my hero.

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Getty image by Deagreez

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