Today, My Daughter on the Autism Spectrum and I Took a Break

It was one of those hectic mornings.

She barely slept the night before, and I didn’t know if I could muster up enough energy to get her through her morning routine and carry her onto her school bus.
She woke up in a cranky mood, and I knew, I just knew it would be a tough day.

I couldn’t get her to eat her breakfast, and getting her dressed was pure torture for her.

I then realized… she is a 4-year-old little girl who just needed a break. I needed the break.

selfie of mom and autistic daughter

I give thanks every morning, for her compassionate bus attendants, for her amazing teachers and dedicated therapists.

Today, today she was just going to be my little girl.

Today, today I was just going to be her mommy too.

I would put all the paperwork aside for the day.

I would stop obsessing over my special education class.

We spent the day watching “Frozen” for the millionth time, laughing and singing.

The bed was covered in cookie crumbs and giggles.

She held my hand through it all.

I let a deep exhale out and enjoyed every detail of her beautiful little face and voice.

The world could wait. We will conquer all those battles together, baby girl.

Today we took the day off. Today we were free.

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