The 'Cancer Lesson' I Still Have to Remind Myself Of

Last evening, I spoke with a lady in over the phone. She’s also Indian and has just been diagnosed of the same cancer I had. We discussed questions to ask the surgeon, and I talked a lot about my journey. Probably more than required. Made me realize I haven’t processed a lot of it yet.

woman looking sad before treatment

This image is from a year ago, I was awaiting my radioactive iodine treatment. My surgical wound in the neck was tender, and I would sleep all day from sheer exhaustion and pain in my limbs. But I remember how light my heart felt. For the first time in years I was being gentle with myself. My list of accomplishments for the day would be: brushed my teeth, had a shower, ate food. My ego was completely at rest. No where to go. Nothing to prove.

It’s time to remind myself today to find that lightness again. Cancer lessons.

woman admiring a tree

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