Thank You, Coleman Hell, for Describing Mental Illness in 'Manic'

It’s not often that you see, read or hear something that sadly describes exactly how you feel every single day. I struggle daily, and I know how hard it is to put into words the way I feel and the ways in which my mental illnesses affect me, terrorize me and bring me down.

I was sitting at work on my lunch break when I got a Facebook notification from my girlfriend; she commented on Coleman Hell’s new song “Manic,” saying she cried listening to it. I knew right away it was a special song to have made her cry because someone else out here had just summed up her life, her struggles and her demons in three minutes.

Bell Let’s Talk Day was a couple weeks ago. Even though I support any kind of effort to reduce the stigma and create conversation around mental health, I believe every day should be a day where we are able to talk about mental illnesses. Every day should be a day where we feel like we are able to get better and receive the treatment we need. Every day should be a day where we have someone to talk to and someone who understands what we are going through. Every day should be a day where we live in a world without stigma and shame.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Coleman Hell for speaking out. Thank you for creating this song. Thank you for using your platform to talk about mental health. Thank you for sharing your struggles with the world. Thank you for creating a song that I know is already connecting so many people together.

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