15 Memes That Perfectly Describe What Mornings With Chronic Pain Are Like

For many of those who live with chronic pain, mornings can be a difficult time of day. After lying in bed all night (whether you were sleeping or tossing and turning), you may find have heightened levels of pain and stiffness that can make it nearly impossible to simply get up and go about your daily routine. It may take several hours of gentle stretching, waiting for medications to kick in and acclimating your mind and body to the new day before you’re able to start moving around.

There’s nothing funny about having to wake up each day in pain because of your chronic illness. But sometimes, a little humor can be a powerful coping mechanism for dealing with frustrating symptoms – and maybe help you start your day on a slightly more positive note. If laughter is one of the tools you use to cope with morning pain flares, you may enjoy the following memes.

1. When pain greets you first thing in the morning:

I'm Lucy every morning
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2. When you’re trying to think through the morning brain fog:

homer simpson saying "can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about the things?"
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3. When you have to take a break halfway through getting dressed:

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4. When your alarm goes off and you’re reminded of your pain:

when you set your alarm every five minutes in the morning
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5. When you lie in bed for half an hour assessing your symptoms:

weighing up my symptoms before I get out of bed like
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6. When it’s a new day but you’re still in pain:

spongebob looking unhappy in bed meme
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7. When you toss and turn in pain all night but can’t move in the morning:

bed, why you only comfy in the morning?
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8. When you wake up in a pain flare:

red image of yoda screaming in anger
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9. When you’re trying to decide if getting out of bed is going to be an option today:

when your alarm goes off and you're deciding whether to go to work or fake your own death
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10. When you need coffee, but you’re in too much pain to make it:

when you have to make the coffee before you've had the coffee
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11. When you’re trying to get ready despite the pain fog:

me every monday morning, with an image of a young girl putting rubber gloves on her feet
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12. When being awake = being in pain:

I'm not always in pain, but when I am, it's because I'm awake
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13. When you realize your body just won’t be cooperating today:

trying to get out of bed like: try again, help, cancel
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14. When you’re lying in bed waiting for the pain to subside:

*alarm goes off for the fifth time* me: *cat lying under a blanket in bed*
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15. When you finally make it out of bed… even if it took a few hours:

I never thought I could accomplish this... thank you to everyone who supported me along the way... (image shows a person getting out of bed)
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