When I Was Mocked for My Awkward Gait

When I was 11 years old I watched a film with my extended family. In that film there are a few scenes where an actor played the role of someone with a disability. He would limp and walk like he was stumbling. Throughout the film that character has been projected to be funny and other characters in the film made him a laughing stock because of his awkward gait.

After watching this film, one of my extended family members used to call me by that character name and make jokes about my gait. At that time I had no idea about my disease. I was annoyed and very upset.

After that incident I felt uncomfortable walking when that person was present, and every time I happened to see that movie playing on TV I would switch channels to avoid watching it. Months later when I got my muscular dystrophy  diagnosis, that person regretted his words. One thing I wish to tell this person and everyone: Stop mocking somebody for their physical appearance. Recognize people for their talents and good deeds. Nobody is perfect and we have no right to criticize others for how they look.

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