A Thank You to the Parents Raising Inclusive Kids, From the Mother of a Child With Down Syndrome

To all the parents taking deliberate actions every day to shape caring, inclusive children, this “thank you” is for you.

To the parents raising children who refuse to let a classmate eat alone, I appreciate you.

To the parents whose daughter always watches out for her peers and makes sure everybody is included — thank you!

To the parents raising a son who asks everybody to join the game so nobody will have to stand on the sidelines alone — way to go!

For all the parents who raise kids who use kind and encouraging words with their peers and never put anybody down for their differences — I applaud you.

For the parents who don’t shush their kids when they point out differences, but instead take the time to talk with their children and teach them that our differences should be celebrated because differences make the world interesting and beautiful — you are making a positive impact.

And for all parents who model inclusive, kind behavior because you understand your children are watching — job well done!

From a parent of a child with Down syndrome to all the parents raising children with kind hearts and open-minds, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Being the parent of a child with Down syndrome can be a vulnerable and lonely place, but it is from this place that I have developed a deep appreciation for exceptional parents. It takes the kindness of a whole community to ensure my son will have the opportunities he deserves in order to reach his personal best, and that can be nerve-racking.

Let’s all keep working hardest at our most important job: parenting our children. It isn’t easy, but with our attentive and kind parenting today, we are helping to change the world and give our kids (with and without disabilities) a brighter future. After all, we are all in this together!

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