Dear Mom Who Just Received the News That Your Baby Is Sick

“Your baby is very sick. We’re trying to figure out why.”

I’ve been there. Through slews of tests and pokes and prods of my teeny-tiny baby. Through uncertainty, tears and unending diagnoses.

To the Mom who just found out your baby is sick: you are not alone.

You’re scared, tired, screaming inside for your child. You never knew you could feel such pain without experiencing it. You want to yell, to shake the doctors. To rage at God and ask why He would allow such a thing to happen.

You want to hold your tiny baby, to protect him from whatever it is that’s hurting him. To kiss her and squeeze her. You beg that you be given her pain instead. But, that’s not how it works.

So you pray. You watch. You continue to feed and rock and soothe. Life goes on and you do the best you can for this tiny person that you helped create.

You wait.

The waiting is the worst. The hardest. Without answers you wait. Through the pain, you wait. And wait. And sometimes we’re given an answer we don’t want to hear.

So we fight. We face it head on. We do all that we can to be an advocate for our little ones. We’re their mothers. And we will go down fighting with all that we have.

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