21 Frustrating Misconceptions You Might Relate to If You Have a Disability

When you live with a disability, people sometimes believe they have the right to comment on your lifestyle or treatment plans because they think they’re helping. They may even think they know more about your situation than you do.

You might be hailed as an inspiration for doing basic things, or your family members considered “strong” for “dealing with” you and your disability. If people aren’t using you as inspiration, they might be critical — thinking you don’t need accommodations or downplaying your symptoms and needs.

Imani Barbarin started the hashtag #HowToPissOffDisabledPeople on Twitter on Tuesday. She told The Mighty she thinks able-bodied people are busy trying to “fix” someone with a disability instead of taking the time to listen to what a disabled person actually needs, such as access to affordable healthcare and dignity in everyday interactions.

“I started the tag because I thought it might be a funny way for disabled people to relate to one another and vent their frustration with the way abled-bodied strangers approach us and try to give treatment in the middle of the street,” Barbarin said.

Here are 21 tweets inspired by Barbarin’s hashtag you might relate to if you have a disability.






















What would you add?

Update: While tweets are public domain, we’ve replaced a few from the original version of this story if the author of the tweet expressed they did not want to be included in this list.

Photo via @Aoiferocksitout/Twitter

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