Changing Sheets and the 'Little' Big Challenges of Chronic Illness

This morning I had to change my bed sheets. It has been quite a long time since the last sheet change. I put it off because it takes so much out of me to do. It seems like such a little thing, but it wears me out. It takes me about two hours to do because of all the breaks I have to take. For the rest of the day, I feel very tired and my pain level is much higher. My hips hurt a lot as well and I can barely walk. There are so many little things that need to be done and I can only do so many each day, so it is inevitable that some things get left longer than they should.

I feel so guilty and horrible about not changing my bed sheets as often as I should. I do it as often as I can manage, though. Recently I decided to ask if I was alone in this in a group I am in, and so far, there has been over 70 replies from people saying they have the same struggle as me. Changing sheets can be very tough when you have an illness, chronic pain or any sort of disability. It is probably a chore even for people not dealing with disability! LOL One person even thanked me for posting because it helped her know she isn’t alone. That really helped ease a lot of my guilt and frustration at my body for not working like I want it to.

Many little things are a challenge for me. Making meals, personal hygiene (showers, washing hair etc.), running errands, meeting people for coffee, doing laundry, cleaning rooms or the house, gardening, etc. These are all “little things” that can wear a person out. I don’t often share how difficult the little things are for me, and many of my friends likely don’t know how hard it can be for me and others who also deal with disability. This is why I wanted to share it now — so others who also struggle know they are not alone, and for everyone else to maybe gain some more understanding.

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