21 Real Texts People Got While They Were Struggling With Depression

We talk a lot about what not to say to someone with depression, and how to cope when friends and family don’t understand. And it makes sense — unless you have depression, it’s hard to get what it’s really like. It’s easy to dismiss someone’s struggle, or toss out suggestions that helped you when you were sad.

But, there are people who get it. Or at least, people who try. It’s not always easy to support someone who’s depressed, but those people do exist, and we wanted to give them a shout-out.

When a friend isn’t getting out of bed or being social, texting can be a great way to let them know you care. That’s why we asked our mental health community to share with us real texts that helped them — if only for a moment.

Also, we want you to know if you don’t have anyone to text when you’re down, there’s no shame in reaching out to the Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24-hour crisis support in the U.S. Head here for a list of crisis centers around the world.

Here’s what they shared with us: 

1. “This was literally the difference between choosing to stay or not…” — Pedro V.

2. “Explaining my anxiety about furthering our relationship. He always knows just how to calm me!” — Antasia H.

3.“I was depressed and the self-harm thoughts were strong. I had hit a low. Lots of bad days. But this text made me keep going.” — Emily B.

4. “I don’t tell anyone this, but the little things people do to show they care or love me really mean a lot to me. This meant a lot to me because I always feel like I have to hold everything in so it was nice to be told it was OK to let it out and drop the fake smile, to know someone wanted to see that other side of me even if it’s not so pretty.” — Megan L.

5. Submitted by Alex S.

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8. Submitted by Alyssa D.

9. “I was in a dark place and needed reassurance from my significant other that I was loved and wanted, and I then apologized for wanting and needing that. This was his response.” — Amber C.

10. “I am in the process of coming out of a two-year long battle with depression. This was extremely helpful to get because it made me realize the steps I am taking are visible.” — Joanna L.

11. “My BFF literally knows that nothing helps so offers to hang out with me and my kids, knowing they will destroy her basement and/or her backyard. P.S.: that’s her second grade pic saved in my contacts.” — Kate B.

12. “From my best friend who has kept being there for me through thick and thin. She loves and supports me through everything, I’m so blessed to have her in my life.” — Hunter C.

13. “A time when I was going through a bought of depression and was terrified no one was ever going to want to be with me. My best friend knew exactly what to say.” — Kira M.


14. “Few people know that I go through a deep depression every January, this friend included. Her message was out of the blue, and exactly the things I needed to hear. Just having people around you who care, and take the time to show it; it’s so necessary when you get caught up in those intrusive thoughts.” — Krissy P.

15. “I had an early morning panic attack and texted my friend at 3:30 a.m… she was beyond awesome and helped me out even though I woke her up.” — Amy S.

16. “A real eye-opening moment.”  — Jennifer C.

17. “I don’t know why, but I thought this was super and cute. And just the fact that she was trying to lift my mood meant a lot! It’s just the little things that make my depression bearable. Sounds silly I know.” — Tara R.

18. “I was having a bad time switching medications and it caused withdrawals. My husband came home from work and just sat next to me while I was curled up in bed. He’s always got my back. Even though he doesn’t understand my mental illness, he always tries so hard and just loves me through it.” — Amanda W.

19. “My realtor of all people contacted after a post on Facebook about me struggling… him stating that he was going to get in car and come check on me meant and still means the world to me. Love that man.” — Angelique C.

20. “This was after telling my best friend how being open about my depression has helped other people.” — Katherine W.

21. “My best friend who knows me so well said: ‘You’re the strongest person I’ve ever known.’ She knew my struggle with depression (and bipolar) but she still thinks I’m strong.” — Olivia F.

What’s the best text or encouraging message you’ve gotten from a friend? Tell us in the comments below.

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