What I Need Instead of Being Told to Stop Being Depressed

“Stop crying.” That’s what I hear instead of comfort.

“Stop stressing over something so small.” That’s what I hear when I have no reason at all.

“Stop it, you might go into depression.” That’s what I hear when I’m already in it.

And I say, “Tell me how to stop because I don’t know.”

It’s not my decision to be in this state in the first place. It’s not my decision to not know how to stop it. It’s not my decision to let tears roll down my face when I feel absolutely nothing. It’s not my decision to have depression.

It’s just not.

If I ever had I choice, I wouldn’t choose this.

I just need you to tell me everything is going to be OK, instead of telling me to stop overthinking. I just need you to listen, instead of telling me to socialize. I just need you to show me I’m loved, instead of making me feel unacceptably different. I just need you to know what I’m feeling, instead of forcing me to remove my feelings.

Because being in this state is one of the hardest things I have to go through every day. I just need someone to root for me, to make me feel that I can be free from this, and that I could deserve just a tiny bit of happiness.

That’s all I ask. Please.

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