What No One Can Prepare You for When You Child Has a Disability

When you have a child with a disability or medical condition, there are many things you can prepare for: upcoming surgeries, adding a new specialist to the care team, therapies, overcoming hurdles, to name a few.

But no one can prepare you for all the emotions that come with having a child with a disability. How it feels to overcome battles and watch your child be so brave for procedures.

No one can prepare you for the immeasurable amount of joy this child will bring to your life. The way that they fight. The courage they have. Their immense bravery.

No one can prepare you for the strength you somehow muster to tackle the daily struggles, despite all the obstacles being thrown in your path.

No one can prepare you for how nothing will ever stand in the way of how you fight and advocate for your child, even when one doctor isn’t seeing eye-to-eye. How “mama bear” comes out and fights for her cub.

No one can prepare you for when it seems like your day just couldn’t possibly get worse, but then your child does something that amazes you and that gives you what you need to continue pushing on.

And no one can prepare you for the unconditional love you’ll have for your child, no matter the diagnosis.

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Image Credits: Randi Wright

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