On World Down Syndrome Day I Celebrate My Sister

Down Syndrome Day is the day my family and I celebrate my little sister and her disability. Besides her birthday, of course. The whole family wears our “Love Doesn’t Count Chromosomes” shirt, and we wear it with pride.

At school, I hope people will ask me what my shirt means so I can tell them about Down Syndrome Day and my sister. I want people to know what day it is and why we celebrate. I want people to know about my sister, and about Down Syndrome. I want people to know her disability is not “bad.”

We have attended a Down Syndrome gathering sponsored by the International Down Syndrome Coalition because my mom used to work there. We gathered for the special day, and I’m sad it’s not happening this year for Down Syndrome Day. I’m comfortable and enjoy being around people with Down syndrome, people who remind me of my sister. It’s pretty amazing when half the people around you have Down syndrome. They make me feel at home.

Down Syndrome Day is one of my favorite days. We don’t have enough days to celebrate people who are “different.” So, whether you know someone with Down Syndrome or not: Happy Down Syndrome Day!

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