How Asperger's Has Shaped My Career as an Art Teacher

I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Asher Rottenstrich, a 24-year-old college grad who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 3 years old.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree, I struggled to secure employment like so many others on the spectrum. But I resolved to never give up.

With the help of my father and a strong support team backing me, I launched a digital arts learning business, ASDC.TV, to serve children and adults living with an autism spectrum disorder. Over the years, art has been a constant source of comfort to get me through the hard times. It’s why I chose this path – to teach art lessons to others on the spectrum. This activity also provides a means for me to express myself to loved ones. By launching this digital arts program, I want to provide a testimony to others that it is possible to live out your true calling – whether it is starting a business or pursuing another passion – even with autism.

In my program, each video lecture includes takeaways from my own life experiences. So in addition to learning how to draw and mastering various art techniques, users also get advice on how to navigate this complex journey of living with an autism spectrum disorder. The lessons are organized in different series and one example is the Emotion Series, which covers lessons on love, loneliness, and perseverance.
The Futurism in Building Art series is also near and dear to me. It highlights a make-believe world many of us escape to when life gets hard.

I will note that the tutorials are kept very simple. I understand that viewers who are watching the videos may share many of the same limitations I have. For example, instead of drawing outlines from scratch, templates are provided for free. These can be downloaded and printed at the viewer’s discretion.

Now the website is launched and the wheels are in motion, all that’s left to do is for customers to get to know what ASDC.TV is all about. I am hoping to make lasting connections with any and everyone in the autism community to help me spread the word. I long for a day where I can live out my true calling, which is teaching art.

Hopefully if my goals are realized, I can serve as an inspiration for other children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder.

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