How This Man Is Motorcycling Across the World for Mental Health

Colby Ellis, a 29-year-old Canadian-Kiwi Engineer with a passion for travel and motorcycling, has embarked on a motorcycle ride around the world to help raise awareness of mental health and fundraise for HeadsUpGuys.

HeadsUpGuys is a unique online resource aimed at supporting men in their fight against depression. Since launching in June 2015, HeadsUpGuys has over 500,000 website visits (currently averaging over 18,000 per month).

Colby’s ride and aim to circumnavigate the world took off last month in March. The first leg of his trip includes riding across New Zealand, to Australia, to Southeast Asia and eventually all the way over to Europe.

Like many others, depression robbed Colby of many pleasures in life. During one of his lowest points, he found motorcycling. Though it entered his life for the wrong reasons, it was the inherent risk and danger he found attractive, and by a stroke of good fortune the pursuit turned into one of his greatest passions and supports on the road back to better health.

Colby is sharing his journey on Instagram through @VanColby_, through @milesforminds, and through his site Miles For Minds, which also features an ongoing series of “Happiness Diaries” — interviewing the people he meets, and asking them the simple, yet universal question: “What makes you happy?” Colby hopes you can help support his fundraiser to raise awareness and $5,000 for HeadsUpGuys.

Read more about Colby’s story, ride and fundraiser at Miles For Minds.

Updates from the road:

After much frustration its almost perfectly fitting that I’m able to start this adventure on March 9th, which would have been my mums 65th birthday in the country of her youth. As she was an avid traveler and adventurer, I like to think that she would be incredibly proud and happy to see me getting started…. especially here in New Zealand! I can’t wait to get out exploring, meeting people, and hearing the many different answers to the question… what makes you happy? @milesforminds . . . . . . #Thehappinessdiaries #milesforminds #newzealand #explorenz #exploretheworld #getoutside #rtw #rtwrider #rtwtrip #rtwtravel #rtw18 #rtw2018 #triumphmotorcycles #triumphtiger #tiger800xc #moskomoto #getoutside #ontheroadagain #adventurebegins #adventurejunkie #funlifecrisis #experiencesoverthings #placestogo #getlost #adventurevisuals #sharetodaysadventure #travelingfrenzy #mentalhealthawareness #headsupguys

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Even when traveling not everyday can be incredible (just take a look at my last post haha). . Despite this, a lot of travelers, myself included, seem to feel an internal pressure to force everyday to be incredible. We forget that sometimes doing almost nothing can be better for us than doing something just for the sake of doing it. And while there may be a beautiful moment or two across a trip you don’t experience, the break for your mind and body make the next experiences even better. . . . . . #Thehappinessdiaries #milesforminds #sunset #humanpoweredadventures #hiking #sunsethike #newzealand #getoutside #rtw #rtwtrip #rtwtravel #rtw18 #rtw2018 #adventurejunkie #funlifecrisis #experiencesoverthings #placestogo #getlost #adventurevisuals #travelbucketlist #traveladventures #sharetodaysadventure #travelingfrenzy #newzealandguide #mentalhealthawareness #headsupguys #realmiddleearth

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The highway down the East coast of New Zealand’s South island is under rehabilitation… between the 2011 earthquake in this area and more recent cyclone caused mudslides it has been mostly closed the last 7 years! Not unlike the road I’m riding, that’s what I’m undergoing: rehab for my mind and soul. Seeking to discover what I want to be chasing in life instead of what I think I should be chasing. Identifying what brings me happiness, and what brings out the less appealing side of me. I truly believe that there’s nothing like travel to really give you a proper perspective to recognize who you are… and who you want to be. . . . . . #milesforminds #thehappinessdiaries #headsupguys #adventurebikeriders #advriders #newzealand #nextstopnewzealand #getoutside #coastalride #travelgram #triumphmotorcycles #triumphtiger #tiger800xc #moskomoto #getoutside  #ontheroadagain #adventurebegins #adventurejunkie #funlifecrisis #experiencesoverthings #placestogo #getlost #adventurevisuals #sharetodaysadventure #realmiddleearth

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Images via Colby Ellis

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