Dad Raps Song for Daughter With Down Syndrome

I made a rap song for my daughter with Down syndrome to let her know how much I love her, and also to create awareness about Down syndrome.

I want to bring positivity around Down syndrome to balance out the negativity. Hopefully resulting in more acceptance of people with Down syndrome worldwide.

In 2013, my lovely daughter Eline was born. At birth we discovered she had Down syndrome. This came as a complete shock because we had done a pre-natal screening and there were no “anomalies.”

I went through the biggest transformation ever! Along the way, I realized the “doom” scenario society and medics placed upon me was false. Eline brings so much joy into our lives.

That inspired me to use my love for music and make a song with the help of my friends. It was meant just for her, to let her know in my own way that I love her. People who heard the song were moved and they encouraged me to share the positive message publicly.

Because of the NIP test, more future parents will have to make the decision whether to keep or abort a child with Down syndrome. Is that an objective decision while society and medics continuously produce negative messages? Who is telling them the whole story, including the positive side? I experienced first-hand that medics say very negative things about Down syndrome, even after my daughter was born! That’s why this song is so important. Future parents must hear the positive side and keep it in the back of their minds in case they have to make that difficult decision.

Other fathers of children with Down syndrome recognized themselves in my story and wanted to be a part of this project. Together we made the video and together we’re sending the message of love across the nation.

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