I Will Stay Strong and Fight for My Child's Right to Adequate Special Education

We’ve been in crisis mode for years now. It has been so long, I no longer remember another way.

My days have turned into warfare; it feels we are constantly fending off attacks, fighting to get you a free and appropriate education to which you are entitled.

It shouldn’t be this difficult, but it is unimaginably so.

We have grown weary, as our school district has systematically denied you services, engaged in foul play and obliterated our trust time and again.

What some may not realize is that we won’t ever give up.

As long as there is breath in my body, I will advocate as strenuously as possible for you and your sister and endeavor to provide you with the supports you need and the therapists, doctors and professionals who share our vision for you.

For you are worth it. And your future depends upon now, your safety contingent upon preparing you in the present, giving you
the tools to prepare for tomorrow and beyond.

Some days it is more difficult than others to breathe amid the chaos, to find my way out of the confusion.

Sometimes I do lose faith, and confidence, and am filled with doubts and uncertainty.

Whether I believe in a Higher Power or not… I believe in you.

I always have, and I always will.

It is hope that keeps my dreams for you alive, it is your smile that shines light along this journey; it is your laughter that carries me through.

It is not our expectations that need to be managed, but rather the efforts put forth on your behalf.

When did basic human decency, kindness, fairness and dignity get removed from the special educational process?

How have Special Education Directors, educators and other administrators lost their way so completely?

How have they forgotten their most vulnerable population, and that so many children’s futures depend upon their honesty, integrity, understanding of their responsibilities, adherence to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or their total lack thereof?

How do educators, therapists and administrators not see that they would do nothing less for their own child?

I don’t have to prove you can. Without question, I believe you can succeed and realize your dreams. For you have already surpassed our expectations.

In a special education system that is so utterly broken and has lost sight of what truly matters, you are a guide, for you remain tremendously strong, graceful, resilient and kind.

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