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How It Feels When Someone Calls Me 'Weak' Because of My Illness

Why does it hurt me when someone calls me “weak?”

I immediately correct them that I am not weak. I do have a serious chronic condition, but I am surely not weak! Yes, it puts me down more often than not but I bounce back, I get up again each time.

Does it hurt my ego if they call me weak? Maybe, because I was always so fearless and independent all my life that this tag affects me emotionally. Maybe, even with so many limitations and challenges, I still haven’t accepted defeat and I never will.

Then why does it bother me so much? 

When people make judgements on your appearance or body type due to an illness they are only judging the outer layers, they are only judging what they see and perceive is true but what they don’t realize or appreciate is the inner strength, the beauty and the brave heart that we warriors have.

Obviously, their eyes are not capable enough to see all the inner layers of our courageous souls, so they continue to see us with cynicism. But what does it matter how others see us? Why do we even care about their opinions?

I never did but I have realized one thing: sometimes our pain and emotions make us so vulnerable that there are certain times when we are easily able to dodge these bullets and sometimes we react and get deeply hurt.

Now, both these reactions are normal – after all, we are humans. Just because we fight each day with our symptoms and smile away our worries for our future doesn’t mean we don’t have the liberty to feel or get affected by certain situations in life.

Yes, we all are superheroes in a way because we have embraced our “weaknesses” and have chosen to rise above the pain, fatigue and so many other severe health issues which these people have no clue about. So, no wonder “weak” is not the right way to describe us, but rather “strong” in a way that defies all imagination and “bold” beyond the limits to fight back again and again after getting beaten down by our condition.

So, next time someone calls you weak, say boldly; with a smile on your face, “I might look weak to you, but you have no idea about the inner strength and endurance I have.”

Keep rising my warriors.

Image Credits: Heena Arora