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When I Reached Out to a Friend as I Lay in the Hospital

I stared at the ceiling tiles as I laid in a hospital bed I had not moved from for a whole month. I was beginning to lose all hope of ever feeling better and seeing the outside world again. I decided I would get out of my head and check out Facebook. When I logged on I noticed my favorite singer was on as well. I messaged him, hoping he’d respond since we had met briefly twice before and had built a friendship. Luckily, he responded immediately and we began talking about my situation.

Shortly after, he asked for my phone number and told me he wanted to call me to sing a song of inspiration. I was shocked by his offering, but I immediately gave him my number. A few minutes later he called me and sang me a song about healing my body and soul. I was completely floored. I knew it was a moment in my life I would never forget. After that day, the remainder of my stay at the hospital was a much more positive experience. His song helped me through medical issues I have encountered since then, proving that music truly does heal.

Getty image by GolfX.