When I Came Out as Autistic to Friends and Family

When I first revealed to the world, or at least, to Facebook four years ago, that I am autistic, it was very well-received. I simply posted a status stating my story — how I always felt I was different, and how I later on received my diagnosis.

I had never seen so many likes and comments before. Classmates I’d known since way back when gave me kind words of encouragement. Family members who knew what I had lived through all along shared in my joy. Friends from mutual groups cheered me on. It was a great experience!

Sometimes people face adversity once it becomes known that they have something going on that isn’t mainstream, or “like everyone else.” They are treated as “less than,” and people may be unwilling to see their full potential. Society has the tendency to have this skewed view that everyone is supposed to be the same, to fit a certain mold.

This was not the case for me, and I’m very thankful. I have a circle of friends and family who appreciate me for my differences, and accept me just as I am. It’s truly a blessing! I can only hope the same for each autistic who reveals their place in the world going forward.

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