My Daughter With Down Syndrome Is as Loved as Her Siblings

Every day with my children is beautiful and full of love and contentment. I’m so thankful for all of them.

I recently read a beautiful post from a fellow mom who’s daughter is also living with the beauty of Down syndrome.  This particular post could’ve been written straight from my own heart. She was basically saying her Instagram has been overtaken with photos of her son (like mine has with Savannah) with hopes of educating others and giving hope to families beginning a journey with their child having Down Syndrome.

As a mom, I put no child before the other. I love them equally. Each of my children are unique and amazing. I may highlight Savannah more because I want with all my heart for no one to feel sorry for us or to be sad for us. I never want anyone to think “bless her heart,” (which us Southern folk know isn’t a compliment!)

Ignorance promotes fear. Fear promotes discrimination and cruelty. That is why as moms and dads of kids with disabilities, we advocate, stand together tightly as if we shared the same blood, fight for rights, educate and even open up our personal journey to be scrutinized. We live with so much love and passion, more than can be explained in words through a post or blog. We show love through a living testimony.

Yesterday, Ava, my 11-year-old shared with a peer group in class that her little sister has Down syndrome. The reaction she received was “Awe, I’m sorry.” She immediately said, “Oh no! Don’t be sorry! It’s normal and great. There’s nothing bad about it.” Savannah’s siblings will be educators and advocates as well, they already are!

We, as Savannah’s family, will draw strength not only from God, the One we believe gave us Savannah and makes no mistakes, but from Savannah herself!

Savannah, you are a strong warrior. You can do anything, and I will be right there with admiration.

Image Credits: Cindy White


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