If Your Heating Pad Is Your BFF, These 16 Memes Are for You

For many of those who live with chronic pain, heat therapy is an essential part of their pain management strategy. Heat can help to relieve pain and keep you cozy and comfortable, whether you’re curling up with a heating pad or blanket at home, or bringing a heating product with you on the go.

If you rely on a heating pad to soothe your aches and pains, you’re not the only one. Dealing with chronic pain can be challenging in so many ways, but humor can be a helpful coping mechanism – whether you need some giggles on an emotionally taxing day or simply want a few moments of distraction. So, for those who sometimes feel like you are closer with your heating pad than other people, this one goes out to you.


in a committed relationship with my heating pad
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if I go to sleep with this heating pad on high, will I wake up and be in this meme? (a dog is sitting in flames saying 'this is fine')
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you know you have a chronic illness when you can't decide what part of your body to put the heating pad on
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cartoon of a man with a square hole through his abdomen. the doctor is saying, 'better lay off using the heating pad.'
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me shopping for an extra hot heating pad: (man looking at lava)
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when someone wants to borrow my heating pad (panda holding a ball and not letting a person take it away)
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time, or a well placed heating pad, heals
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when the heating pad won't get hot enough
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summer vs. winter: Summer: *Sleeps with 40 blankets, 3 heating pads, and 2 portable heaters* Winter: *Sleeps with 41 blankets, 4 heating pads, and 3 portable heaters*
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when you get in bed but you left the heating pad downstairs
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when you realize folding your heating pad makes it extra scalding: bear grylls saying, "improvise. adapt. overcome."
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when the heating pad hits the right spot
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I love the way you give me that warm and cozy feeling. thank you new electric blanket.
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when your heating pad goes out (monkey screaming)
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woman crying because laptop doesn't get hot enough to use as a heating pad
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when I'm reunited with my heating pad (scrat from 'ice age' hugging his acorn)
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