NICU Story Time With My Son

When Cooper was in the NICU I read to him every day and every night. Through the day, I would read him excerpts from my favorite book series by Jan Karon about an episcopal priest in a tiny town called Mitford. But every night before I left, I read Nancy Tillman’s “My Love Will Find You.” The words were so beautifully written and because at different points in the journey Cooper and I were both fighting to live — me with sepsis and Cooper battling to overcome the odds associated with prematurity — it captured the moment we were living in. No matter what happened we could count on love to connect us.

But after 124 days of reading and praying in the NICU, I longed for a more personalized story for kiddos and parents on the same journey we were. So I put together the following little piece in the spirit of a rhyming children’s book focused on being in the NICU.

My Sweet NICU Baby

Here we are in the NICU, our family’s new home.
It’s filled with a steady beat of strange noises.
Like the ticks of a metronome.

Everything seems different, nothing is as planned.
But God had a bigger story for you, sweet baby, something far more grand.

I will be right beside you for all of this fight.
I love you sweet baby with all of my might.

Very soon there will come a day,
When I hear the words I’ve waited so long for them to say,
“Would you like to hold this sweet baby,” we are sure that you do.
And I’ll snuggle you close like a mama kangaroo.

When night time comes and I have to go,
I’ll make sure you’re comfy and turn the lights down low.

I’ll watch you as the monitors go beep beep beep.
And say ever so softly, “OK sweet baby, it’s time for sleep.”

I know it must be scary and it just doesn’t seem right,
That Mama has to leave you all alone for the night.

However my sweet baby, listen close to me,
My love is always with you, even when I might not be.

Your nurse will take good care of you, just you wait and see.
I know this for sure sweet baby, because she loves you just like me.

So close your little eyes and slip off soundly to sweet dreams,
And when the sun comes up, know your mama will be here bursting at the seams,
To hold my sweet baby and to be sure to let you know,
I love you sweet baby, wherever I may go.

Getty image by Qvasimodo

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