How My Passion Planner Helped Me Deal With Depression

I was given and introduced to a Passion Planner at Christmastime 2016. I used to be one of those people who thought I did not have time to plan out and be cute by decorating a planner. Everything changed after I received a planner. Not only did my viewpoint on time change, but also how I lived my life changed. The years 2015 and 2016 were turbulent for me. Not only was it a bumpy year, it was a year I thought would not come through to see unto the next. It wasn’t my first time living through some mental illnesses and their havoc, but it was the first time everything came at me all at once. It felt like a never-ending cycle of internal chaos. I was having a major disagreement with my college Disability Resource Center, and was experiencing what I know now was PTSD symptoms, as well as depression, suicidal ideation and social anxiety. I was not dealing with it very well and used negative coping skills. Everything seemed to go dark and to make things worse, my yellow Labrador (who is also my best friend) got sick. I was told he had a giant tumor in his lungs and a month later he was gone. It shattered me — I was completely devastated. Overall I felt like a complete failure and I was completely overwhelmed.

Being introduced to the Passion Planner was one of the best gifts I have ever received. It seemed to come into my life just at the right moment… the moment when I began picking up the pieces. The moment in time I needed something to help navigate life. I love the look of the Passion Planner, I love the Passion Roadmap where you begin by mapping out your goals. It seemed overwhelming to me at first. How could I begin planning out my life if I didn’t even know if I would be able to get up or be alive tomorrow? It seemed impossible. But once I started writing out my goals, I found it was easier to work at them, get my mind to think of the possibilities, get motivated and stay positive.

Planning helped me keep myself motivated by seeing my goals every time I opened my planner. It helped me reflect at the end of each month. It helped me declutter my mind of unnecessary negative chatter, thoughts and just plain negativity that clouded my focus and mind. It helped me stay positive, grounded and present to read the quotes on the planner as well as write my own, to see that I have achieved my Roadmap or my weekly goals. It helped me keep myself busy and productive. Not only did it helped me stay organized with life but also with my therapy appointments, my self-care and coping skills. I found if I planned out what self-care or coping skill to use ahead of time, I actually had more of a chance of going through with it at the end of the day. I even used planning time as one of my coping skills and consider decorating it as art. There is something freeing about highlighting, writing and placing planner stickers on my planner.

Using a “Passion Planner,” doesn’t mean you are obligated to use planner stickers or to be fancy and artsy. A planner, a pen and maybe a highlighter is all you need. Just be you! For me it made life easier to navigate by helping me to deal with my depression.

Passion Planner

Image Credits: Maritza Zaragoza

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