To the Man Who Loves My Warrior Heart

I never thought I’d find someone who would love my warrior heart like you do.

Thank you for listening intently to my surgery stories and for offering me comfort and understanding to the best of your abilities.

Thank you for being concerned for my health and for taking the time to make sure I’m not too tired to carry on.

Thank you for kissing my scars before we go to sleep, and for reminding me each and every day how special and beautiful I am because of them.

Thank you for remembering each and every surgery anniversary every year and making a big deal out of it.

Thank you for letting me share my fears of my future health and reminding me that no matter what, everything will be OK.

Most of all, thank you for loving me for what I’ve been through. I know it is not always easy to love someone whose life was littered with trauma and pain. You do not know how much it amazes me when you handle my demons with a gentle grace and care.

Thank you for loving all that I am and all that has shaped me.

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