The Anime Character I Relate to as I Live With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I am 22 years old, and I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I have had this since I was 19.

I watch an anime called “My Hero Academia.” It is a great anime, and even if you do not watch anime, I suggest you begin with it. However, this article will contain spoilers.

“My Hero Academia” is an anime about a world where everyone has these abilities called “quirks.” They manifest when they are young. There is a small percentage of the population that is “quirkless.” These quirks can be anything. Some can use fire, ice, amazing strength, lightning, electrical abilities, talking to animals, and everything in between.

There is this one character who has no quirk. He still wants to grow up to be a hero. In this world, people use their quirks for good and become superheroes against those that use their quirks for evil. He is quirkless, though. People tell him he cannot ever become a hero, until…He meets the all time number one hero: All Might.

All Might is the perfect hero saving everyone with a smile. He has a secret though. Ever since a fight that went incredibly wrong, he has “limits” on his ability or quirk. He can only appear strong and use his ultimate strength quirk for maybe a few hours at a time. Then he must take a break. Once his quirk runs out, his form completely changes. He looks weak and skinny.

I have never related more to a character in my life. I feel like he is the perfect example of someone living with a chronic illness. He tries to live a normal life. He hides his weaknesses from the public. He has to continually take breaks and make sure he does not over do it. Does he complain? No. He is still a superhero and continues to save everyone with a smile.

All Might actually passes his quirk down to the character I mentioned earlier with no quirk. Turns out, All Might did not have one either when he was younger. It is a special quirk only passed down through people, and that is a secret.

All Might is my favorite character for so many reasons. I wanted to share this with those who feel down. Who feel alone and left out.

All Might is the perfect example that everyone with a chronic illness is a hero. They fight life everyday and hold on. Sometimes, we smile. I know I try to put on a brave face like him as well. The majority of people do not know I have health problems. But like him, I am on a time limit. I only have so long before I look weak and can no longer do what I could.

All Might is a symbol of peace in the show. For me, he is a symbol of strong people fighting their bodies everywhere. We are all strong. We are all superheroes. We are all fighting daily, and we are winning. We may forget the tiny victories, but please remember you are doing what you can as you can.

Image courtesy of the “My Hero Academia” Facebook page

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