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13 Hair Accessories for Days When Chronic Pain Makes Your Head Hurt

Editor's Note

We hope the products below, all recommended by our Mighty community members, help you or a loved one in your health journeys. Just so you know, The Mighty may collect a share of sales from the Amazon links on this page. Prices and product availability are accurate as of publication.

If you live with chronic head pain, finding hair ties, headbands or accessories you can actually use to pin back your hair may feel like an impossible challenge some days when even the slightest touch can set your head ablaze. Maybe you get migraines or headaches that make any pressure or tightness on your head feel excruciating. Or perhaps you experience skin sensitivity and have to use only the softest fabrics.

For some, these items aren’t ever an option, period, and that’s totally OK. But for those who can occasionally tolerate some accessories to help style or hold back their hair, we wanted to know which items were most gentle while also being practical and stylish. So, we asked our Mighty community which headbands and hair accessories they recommend for those with chronic pain.

Here’s what our community shared with us:

1. Scrunchies


Lindsay Glenne Montague told us, “I don’t know a brand but I use scrunchies pretty exclusively. They never feel very tight when I need to get my hair out of my face. You can get packs on Amazon.”

Kathy Lashuay added, “I love my scrunchies!”

Buy the scrunchies above (10-pack) for $10.99 from Amazon.

2. Invisibobble

invisibobble traceless hair ring

“Invisibobble hair ties!” recommended Kalli Kaz. “They don’t pull or tug at all. They’re a game changer!”

Invisibobble! They are absolutely amazing. They hold without pulling or being tight,” explained Helen Frances Woodall.

Invisibobbles – best invention ever!” said Michelle Usher. “Don’t hurt, not too tight and stay put.”

Buy the Invisibobble hair ring above for $7.69 from Amazon.

3. Love Your Melon Hats

love your melon beanie

Love Your Melon hats! I lost my hair almost two years back and have severe allodynia throughout my body, especially my head. I got two of these hats and they’re a bit bigger so they don’t squeeze my head, they’re very soft to the touch so it’s not as painful, and they’re very cute!” Hannah Crusemire wrote.

Buy the beanie above for $45 from Love Your Melon.

4. Scunci

scunci hair clips

Only Scunci brand clips. Everything else sets my head ablaze!” Gina Fabrizio told us.

Buy the clips above for $6.04 from Amazon.

5. Goody Ouchless Clips

goody ouchless clip

Steph Fries said, “Goody Ouchless clips are pretty great.”

Buy the clips above for $5.66 from Amazon.

6. Bandanas


Julee Haseleu-Jurss wrote, “I use a simple bandana… Sometimes the light pressure on my temples helps. It’s also a sneaky way of hiding a small ice pack.”

Buy the bandanas above (4-pack) for $10.39 from Amazon.

7. Spin Pins

spin pins

Spin pins are great for dirty hair buns!” Alison Kalpakoff recommended. “You just twist your hair into a bun and spin the pins in so no need for a ponytail holder or having to hold your arms up high while juggling with a bunch of bobby pins.”

Buy the spin pins above for $8.99 from Amazon.

8. Lilla Rose

lilla rose hair clip

Renee Bowne said, “I have super thick hair and I use hair clips from Lilla Rose, but they are spendy. I like that you can order every clip in any size for right or left handed.” 

Lilla Rose clips. I can wear one size in three different styles… And they’re pretty, so I get a little bit of feeling good about my appearance,” added Adrienne Hewitt.

Buy the hair clip above for $17 from Lilla Rose.

9. prAna Headband

prana reversible headband

prAna’s extra wide cotton headband,” recommended Sarah Langer. “It’s soft and the pressure is distributed well, not focused on a narrow line across my head.”

Buy the reversible headband above for $9.80 from prAna.

10. Spiral Slinky Hair Tie Scrunchies

spiral slinky hair tie scrunchies

Katye Mayo wrote, “These look weird and uncomfortable but they actually aren’t! You have to be careful not to make them too tight, but they stay in place really well. They stretch out but if you alternate they’ll shrink back in a day or two.”

“No hair headaches [from these]!” said Laura Shockley.

Buy the hair ties above for $5.40 from Walmart.

11. Goody Ouchless Elastics

goody ouchless elastics

I use Goody Ouchless elastics,” Megan McDonald said. “I’ve had surgery on the back of my head, so if I need to pull my hair away from my face for makeup, I use cloth headbands.”

Buy the elastics above for $4.28 from Amazon.

12. Natural Life Headbands

Boho bandeau colorful headband.

I really like Natural Life headbands. You can do a lot of stuff with them and they’re not too tight,” explained Ashley Suder.

Buy the bandeau above for $13 from Amazon.

13. Salt Armour Tubular Bandanas

salt armour tubular bandana

I use Salt Armour Snoods,” Sukie Mannix told us. “They are very versatile and can be used as a headband, hair scrunch, wristband, hat, face shield and a scarf. They also are good all year round because they protect from the sun and cold. And they come in all different colors and patterns.”

Buy the tubular bandana above for $19.99 from SA Co.