Lost Voice Guy, Comedian With Cerebral Palsy, Wins 'Britain's Got Talent'

Walking onto the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage for the last time, Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, sported a blue T-shirt reading, “I was disabled before it was popular.” Ridley, who is a standup comedian with cerebral palsy, won the talent show on Sunday.

Ridley is the show’s first comedian winner, and his delivery of lines was different from other comedians. Ridley’s routines were filled with self-deprecating jokes, all voiced by a slightly robotic British voice through a voice automator on his iPad.

Ridley lost his voice 37 years ago, hence his stage name. In his audition, Ridley made jokes such as, “You may be able to tell, I’m a struggling standup comedian who also struggles to stand up.”

In the season finale, Ridley competed against Robert White, a comedian on the autism spectrum.

“It feels particularly subversive that White and [Lost Voice Guy] did not shy away from disability as part of their acts,” Frances Ryan, a contributor for The Guardian wrote. “LVG…relentlessly skewered perceptions of disability and the awkwardness that often surrounds non-disabled people’s interaction with it.”

On Twitter, fans congratulated the comedian and came to his defense when some said he won on sympathy. Fans also reminded people that people with disabilities aren’t inspirations just because they live with a disability.

Ridley takes home the top prize of 250,000 pounds, equivalent to over 330,000 U.S. dollars. He will also get to perform in the Royal Variety Performance.

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