The Choice I Made to Make the Most Out of My Life With Chronic Pain

Pain — chronic pain, has been a part of my life for five years. It engulfs me when I am struggling and lingers next to me even on my best of days.

For so long I found my self dreading the future because my present seemed so miserable: all hope of living a happy life seemed so far away. While I know I will always have pain, accepting that was not always easy.

My future, like it is for many, is undecided. Instead of letting that make me worry, I choose to let it excite me.

My pain and present should not dictate my future, but my will and determination to live my life to the fullest despite my pain and despite my present, should. I do not know the bigger picture of my life, but have chosen to let that change me rather than frighten me. I choose to let it change the way I live each day so one day in the future I will look back and thank myself for not letting pain dictate me.

Realizing my pain is present every moment, and not allowing it to stop me from doing the things I love, allows for a stronger future.

Before, I held a short term perspective of “my life is always going to be bad,” but as I took a step back to look at the bigger picture, I thought my pain will always be here, but my “suffering” does not have to be. So instead I chose to do the things that change not only my life, but others as well, and that has helped make all the difference for me today and my future self.

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