Watching My Son With Down Syndrome Live His 'Future'

Many of us have been there: the day we received the diagnosis of Down syndrome.

For us, we initially felt shocked and devastated. Then we mourned the loss of the future we had dreamed for our child. We honestly did not know what the future held, what our child would do.

Our son with Down syndrome was our first born. I now understand we really don’t know what the future holds for any child, but I feel this even more so with our son because of his diagnosis. So we let go of the future because we needed to focus on the now. Surgeries, therapies, doctor appointments, this was important. The future was in a way forgotten, lost.

Through the years there were many ups and downs. Many milestones celebrated. Our son was also a big brother. But the future was still not in our thoughts.

Then one day our daughter was receiving an award in middle school. It was an academic award. Of course we were so proud. And then our son was receiving one, too! An academic award from his middle school — one he earned. It wasn’t being given to him because he has Down syndrome. He was getting it because he accomplished so much in his last year of middle school and was now being given an award like his typical sister.

I was sitting with my best friend telling her about the awards and it hit me. It hit me so hard. I started to cry because it was here — the future. The future I thought we lost!

Our son was graduating middle school, going to high school, winning an award and has an army of friends. His future is growing brighter and so full of opportunities. The sky is the limit.

So be patient. The future will come and what was once was believed to be lost will be found.

Getty image via GaryRadler

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