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How I Feel About My 2-Month-Old Baby's Down Syndrome Diagnosis

When I was five months pregnant, I found out there was a 50/50 chance my baby girl would have Down syndrome.

At that time, I cried not knowing all the things I know now.

My beautiful baby girl is now 2 months old. She is so adorable and the love I have for her is forever. She is the cutest baby ever. My family and I call her “princess Bella.” She gets so much love and attention from myself and her siblings. I will never look at her any different from my other kids.

I no longer worry about her having Down syndrome because to me she is no different. She does have issues with her heart, but I have learned to leave it all to God. My baby is special and I will always have her back no matter what. I thank God for blessings me with her.

I know we have a long road ahead, but it’s a road I’m ready and willing to take.

Bella is my pride and joy.

She is my Super Girl.

I enjoy every minute with her. She is unique in her own lil way. And after watching a video of other parents who have kids with Down syndrome I feel a lot better — a lot of stress was taken off me. I have learned so much from other parent’s stories and communicating with other people in the Down syndrome community.

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