John Travolta Agrees My Daughter With Down Syndrome Is Awesome at Her Job

My daughter, Marissa, has Down syndrome and has been over 2,000 miles away from home in Savannah, Georgia, working on set as a Production Assistant for John Travolta’s newest thriller, “The Poison Rose.” She’s been there without me for a month. She is on her own getting herself to set on time, be professional, meet new co-workers, be a team player and so much more!

She has been attending Inclusion Films — a workshop that provides hands-on training for adults with disabilities to work in the film industry. She has been accepting every job, no matter how small or early in the morning. Working on “The Poison Rose” is her first time on a large scale movie set.

And guess what? Marissa is thriving. My biggest fear as my fiercely independent daughter navigates her way into the world — more specifically, as she follows her dream of working in the film industry — is that it would be difficult for her to be respected by others who don’t know her and be appreciated for her talents and skills.

On the last day of filming, Marissa was out sick with a sore throat. John Travolta, the star of the film, sent her a video. Watching it, my fears abated, I know she was included and valued.

Thank you, John Travolta and crew for seeing ability and providing opportunity.

Image Credits: Mary E. Erickson

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