Oshkosh Model With Down Syndrome Turns 3, This Is What His Mom Wants the World to Know

Dear Asher,

Today you are 3. It may not seem like a big birthday to you, but to me it is. I feel like I just gave birth to you yesterday. And now? You’re becoming a whole human by yourself. I can still remember the day you were born. You literally came into the world with a smile on your face.

Your personality shines through more and more every day. And oh how I love that personality. I hope one day you can see yourself through my eyes, even a little bit. I am in awe of the tiny human you are becoming. Of the amazing imagination you have when you play with your vroom vrooms. Of the immense capacity for joy you contain. You light up any room you enter. And I am already so proud of you. The world is a better place because you are in it. Not only do you make my every day brighter, you brighten that of those around you.

I’m sad you’re growing up so fast, but I am also loving watching you grow up. I know you will do great things. And by great, I mean you will touch the lives of thousands. I don’t care if you find the cure for cancer (though that would be pretty amazing and help lots of people). I don’t care if you run for president of the United States. All I know and expect from you is that you will make the world a better place, even if it’s just with the power of your smile and kindness that I never want you to let go of. If you touch one person with your passion for life… well then my work here is done.

I love you Asher.

Happy birthday my darling boy!

Love ,


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