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Let's Talk About Heat and Cerebral Palsy

I recently wrote my first piece for The Mighty and got some great feedback and support. More importantly, it seems to have supported others who are sharing a similar experience. There are, of course, various topics to discuss. Today I want to talk about heat.

First off, you’ll notice my title is a little reminiscent of a certain Salt n’ Pepa song, and that is where I got part of the inspiration for it. I’m rather a fan. The beat, rap and the message of openness, understanding and safety/responsibility are why — but that’s not the kind of “heat” I’m talking about. At least not today.

I mean the weather.


Cerebral palsy has its challenges and can sometimes lead me to a whole myriad of negative emotions. Since that first article, things have greatly improved for me. I have had my injections and I am back to the somewhat tamed levels of pain and stiffness which I can handle. They managed to “squeeze me in” which both rather annoys me because the system, funds, time and availability should manage me well, and for which I feel grateful because my doctor came through for me despite being inundated with appointments. However, something else is making me feel a lot better.

The heat.

I’m unsure how widespread this is, but I can’t stand what being cold does to me. It seems to aggravate every negative and turn me into some kind of walking bag of pain and stiffness, to the point of feeling like my body is that of a very old woman, rather than the young woman I actually am.

Heat, on the other hand, is simply and utterly wonderful. I can’t praise it enough. I can relax in ways that aren’t usually possible and the pain has mostly gone. I am still wobbly and stiff, but I am less so.

OK, so I did start half-wondering if there should be an oven thermometer around to test when I’m ready to eat (reading that back, I heard how that sounds, but sure). Nevertheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself the last few days. The sauna can go without me for a while. The Jacuzzi, though, hmm… perhaps a visit would be nice. It’s the best body massage I’ve managed to find since my secretly awesome masseur friend went home to a different country — yea, I’m still not over it.

Anyone else feeling the positive effects of heat?

Getty image by Moisseyev.