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How Anxiety and Depression Run Me Into Exhaustion

A month has gone by, and in this month I’ve been waking up and going to bed both anxious and depressed. It’s a tugging sensation of feeling like I need to have it all, while at the same time not feeling as though I’m seen or important enough to succeed. Some days are so difficult that I cry when I wake up and wonder when things will get better.

Struggling with both anxiety and depression drain me as they tug at my self-confidence and my will to continue to try new things. As anxiety pushes me to hurry because time is running out; depression is telling me I’m not good enough for my dreams and aspirations. I find it most difficult to do anything, especially after I try something and I don’t receive positive feedback. I want to give up every time, but I don’t.

Even though my anxiety and depression aren’t dampening my resilience and stopping me 100 percent from continuing on trying to find myself, negative self-talk from both ends is making it difficult to push through the bad moments.

I’m exhausted and I want to give up, but I know, despite what depression and anxiety tell me daily, that I can do what I’m good at. I can, even though sometimes depression tells me I can’t, try something new and keep pushing at my overall vision for myself. Depression and anxiety might make me exhausted, but I won’t allow them to make me mentally paralyzed and unable to fight for myself.

I tell myself I can, I will, and I have a purpose to pursue.

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