'Insatiable' Season One Episode Reviews

The trailer for the Netflix original show “Insatiable” generated a lot of controversy for fat-shaming. Because of this, The Mighty is watching and reviewing the show so you know what to expect when it comes out.

The trailer for Netflix’s original show “Insatiable” generated a lot of controversy for fat-shaming and angered a lot of people in the eating disorder community. Because of this, The Mighty is watching and reviewing the show so you know what to expect. We will also be analyzing what this season means for the mental health community. The show comes out on August 10.

‘Insatiable’ Season One

This page is a hub for all things “Insatiable.” Below are links to our analysis of each episode.

insatiable patty and bob

Episode 1: “Pilot”

The first episode of “Insatiable” introduces viewers to Patty and Bob, and shares the story of Patty’s dramatic weight loss.

Episode 2: “Skinny Is Magic”

In the second episode of “Insatiable,” Patty sets out for revenge as Bob begins preparing her for the pageant circuit.

debby ryan on horse insatiable

Episode 3: “Miss Bareback Buckaroo” 

Episode three of Netflix’s “Insatiable” takes viewers on a road trip to Alabama with Bob and Patty as well as Donald, Nonnie and Dixie.

Episode 4: “WMBS”

In the fourth episode of “Insatiable,” Patty and Coralee enter a mother-daughter beauty pageant so that Patty can qualify for Miss Magic Jesus.

Episode 5: “Bikinis and Bitches”

In episode five of “Insatiable,” Patty organizes a bikini dog wash with the help of Magnolia. Christian faces legal trouble and needs Bob’s help.

patty and christian kissing on ark

Episode 6: “Dunk ‘N’ Donut”

Episode six of “Insatiable,” shows Patty and Bob preparing for Miss Magic Jesus with the help of Pastor Mike.

Insatiable Roxy and Bob Armstrong at the gym

Episode 7: “Miss Magic Jesus”

In episode seven of “Insatiable,” Patty, Dee and Magnolia compete in the Miss Magic Jesus pageant. Both Bobs learn some surprising news.

Bob B. talks to Dixie Sinclair.

Episode 8: “Wieners and Losers”

In episode eight of “Insatiable,” Patty gets surprising news about her health, and Dixie wants a taste of revenge.

Patty with "bitch" shirt

Episode 9: “Bad Kitty”

In episode nine of “Insatiable,” Dixie and Patty try to make amends while Bob tries to repair his relationship with Coralee.

Patty standing angrily, Bob trying to calm her down.

Episode 10: “Banana Heart Banana”

In episode 10 of “Insatiable.” Patty gets roasted for her birthday to make up for what she did to Dixie and Bob faces a significant life change.

Episode 11: “Winners Win. Period.”

In episode 11 of “Insatiable,” Patty takes drastic measures to improve her odds of winning Regionals while Bob tries to make amends with his family.

Episode 12: “Why Bad Things Happen”

In the final episode of the first season of “Insatiable,” Patty escapes her captors and meets up with Bob, who is having an equally bad day.

Images via “Insatiable” Facebook page and Netflix

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