5 Things to Take on Holiday When You Have Chronic Pain

Going on holiday when you have chronic pain.

I remember the days when I could go on holiday easily and all I would need to pack would be clothes, swimming stuff, a book and some sun-cream, but going on holiday when you struggle with chronic pain is a different story.

Here are a list of things I now have to make sure I take away with me:

1. Medications

This is pretty self explanatory. Check that you have all of the medication you need for when you’re away and take an extra couple of days worth, just in case.

2. Cool Mat

I have a gel cool mat which gives me a lot of relief. It doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge and it reacts to your body heat so gets cold when your body is hot. I use this both for the journey and whilst away.

3. Hand Held Fan

For me, this is an important one. I struggle to regulate my body temperature and often end up dripping with sweat, so a small hand held fan is a must have.

4. Comfortable Clothes Over Fashionable Ones

Make sure you take comfortable clothes. Its great to look good when you’re away, but if you end up in more pain because the clothes you wear hurt you, then its not worth it! Take whatever is comfortable and wear it for long days out. You can always wear fashionable things if you are going or doing something special whilst you’re away.

5. Tense Machine

I have a tense machine, which works via Bluetooth with my phone. It has lots of different settings and I can place it on my back to try and relax my muscles on long journeys, and in the evenings before bed, to help me sleep. This is also a must have for me.

These five things are the most important things I have to take to ensure I am as comfortable as possible both on the journey away and also when on holiday. They don’t provide complete relief, but I have reduced pain so can actually enjoy my holiday.

One other tip for when you go on holiday is to plan and take advantage of as much assistance on the journey as you can, don’t put yourself through extra pain and stress if it can be avoided. Give yourself plenty of time so you can have as many breaks as you need. Giving yourself breaks doesn’t only apply to the journey, it also applies to when you’re away. I always get over excited and want to do and see as much as possible, but you need to remember to pace. By doing so you will be able to see and do more because you reduce the risk of a flare or your body crashing.

Most important of all have a good time – happy holidays!

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