To the Person Who Feels Like Their Feelings Don't Matter

I’m stumbling over my words trying to write this. I want so much to get my words right because the right words can make all the difference. And I want you to hear this. I need you to hear this.

That anxious thought that others say is irrational, that heavy sadness, that phobia that no one understands, that thing that you are feeling. That thing exists, it exists to you. And it matters.

That panicky feeling when you have to get out of bed, that knot you feel in your stomach all the time, that mental wall you hit when you are just trying to make it through the day. That thing exists, it exists to you. And it matters.

That overthinking after a conversation you had three days ago, that fear you feel walking in public, that need to check six times to make sure the door is locked. That thing exists, it exists to you. And it matters.

That whole body feeling you get when everything is overwhelming and frustrating and you collapse on the floor. That thing that you are feeling. That thing exists, it exists to you. And it matters.

I know you’ve heard it all before. I know right now it might seem like nothing is making it better. But please don’t ever invalidate your feelings. Do not, even for a second, feel inferior for those things that you feel. It’s OK to be sad, to be frustrated and to bawl your eyes out. It’s OK. It is overwhelming. And exhausting. And every other word you can think of — it is that. It exists. It matters. And your ability to feel all of these things makes you strong.

You are not a defect. You are not broken. You are not pathetic. You are not dramatic. You are not weak.

You are the strength, hope, love and beauty that this world needs. 

Please don’t ever give up on yourself. It matters. You matter. You matter so much.

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