30 Wheelchair Costumes for Kids That 'Win' Halloween

One of my kids has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. While I consider myself crafty, I confess we have not had much “fun” creating a costume for my daughter that includes her chair. Maybe that will change this year, as she is all about decorating her wheels.

I was looking on Instagram for some inspiration and was impressed with the incredible creations I found. There are some pretty talented parents who put their love and time into decorating wheelchairs as part of their child’s costume.

In my search for costumes, I came across @wheelieawesomecostumes by Cassie McLelland. After creating costumes for her son, she decided to make them available for other parents (like me) who may not have the talent or “know how” to put these together. You also may have heard of @rollingwiththepunchesvlog — their yearly Halloween costumes have gotten lots of media attention.

There were so many other incredible costumes. These were so intricate and amazing, I wanted to share them with you. It is impossible to pick a favorite. Trust me! But maybe some will act as inspiration or spark an idea for you and your child this Halloween.

1. Harry Potter riding the Hogwarts Express? Yes, please!

2. Is that Ron Wesley conquering his fear of spiders and riding on Aragog?

3. Harry Potter, the “dragon whisperer.” I think he is ready to bust out of Gringotts.

4. It’s Russell from the movie, “Up!”

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I had this vision for Christian’s costume. I don’t know where it came from because the movie, Up, isn’t exactly on trend and popular right now. Therefore, everything had to be put together from scratch. I couldn’t even find a yellow collared shirt! So the shirt and hat were dyed yellow. Our printer ran out of ink so Lola helped color in the badges. It was a family affair! This is my first time constructing the whole thing 100% on my own so it was tricky. But the message of the movie is pretty fitting for us. And Lola? She was a unicorn. I tried to fancy up her costume with extra tulle but she didn’t want it! ???? Happy Halloween from “Russell” and unicorn Lola! @disney #disneyinspired #wheelchaircostumes #halloweencostumes #diycostumes #upthemovie #russellfromup #specialneedsthuglife #wheelchairmafia

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5. Don’t mess with this officer!

6. So do you think after he loaded his pumpkin he started loading his tractor with candy?

7. Arrrrr!

8. Say hello to “Uncle Sam.”

9. Batman and his Batmobile are pretty spectacular (and so is his family!).

10. Besides the fact she is a cutie, who doesn’t want to visit space with this girl?

11. Minecraft!

12. Who you gonna call?

13. His aircraft actually works — he can shoot out of the missiles!

14. Captain America and his awesome bike!

15. Time for a Halloween parade!

16. It’s Jake from the “Neverland Pirates.”

17. Batman, you look fantastic!

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Batman in his batmbolie #wheelchaircostumes

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18. It’s Jack Skellington riding his coffin sleigh.

19. Start your engines!

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Happy Halloween! #halloween #wheelchaircostumes

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20. Can I just say how impressive and creative it was to use solo cups for this costume?

21. Thomas the Tank has one handsome conductor.

22. It’s Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story.”

23. How to train your dragon with style!

24. Cinderella, you are simply beautiful!

25. Matter never looked better.

26. Yep, that’s right, don’t mess with Batgirl!

27. Because look at her, she is fiercely adorable.

28. This Cabbage Patch doll for the win!

29. Moana, you will go far sweet girl!

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Remember last year when Lamp totally won Halloween with her Moana costume? (As in she literally won awards. OK, AN award. Our church costume contest, which admittedly wasn't the steepest competition, BUT SHE WON OK?) Moana is going to be a tough act to follow, but we are. on. it. She's got a reputation to uphold now and we don't want to let her down. (read: she couldn't care less, I on the other hand have turned into a wheelchair integrated Halloween costume MONSTER.) I mean not that it's a contest or anything (except when it is and she wins) but I just want to give you a heads up. So enjoy your pumpkin spice chai lattes, and cinnamon maple crunchy leaf scented candles because come Halloween, your kid is going DOWN. Happy October.????????☕️ . . . . . . #happyhalloween???? #iammoana #motherofdaughters #motherhoodrising #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #wheelchairgirl #october???? #kidscostumes #wheelchaircostume #differentlyabled #disabilityawareness #disabilitypride #warriormama

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30. May the force be with you!

All images used with permission.

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