Actress With Down Syndrome Sarah Gordy Awarded an MBE by Prince William

Actress Sarah Gordy was awarded an MBE by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, making her the first woman with Down syndrome to receive the title, according to the BBC. Gordy was honored Wednesday for her service to the arts and people with disabilities.

An MBE provides membership to the Order of the British Empire and is awarded for “outstanding achievement or service to the community,” including those working in the arts or in community service.

“It is so great to be recognized as both an artist and a campaigner,” Gordy wrote on her website. “And to be on the list with so many wonderful, talented people.”

Gordy is mostly known for her roles in “Upstairs, Downstairs” and “Call the Midwife.” Gordy also works as an ambassador with Mencap, a U.K. charity for people with learning disabilities and their families.

“I want to inspire and empower others to believe in themselves,” Gordy wrote. “The messages I get from young people and their families make me very happy. I had an amazing day at Buckingham Palace with my family. I am so happy to get this honor.”

Gordy learned of her MBE in June as a part of the Queen’s Birthday Honors list. The ceremony was Wednesday. Other recipients of titles included Emma Thompson, who was made a dame.

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