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14 Memes That May Be Painfully Relatable If You're Not a Hugger

Although hugs are often considered to be a kind and loving gesture, for some people, they are firmly off-limits.

There are a number of reasons why a person might not be a “hugger.” Maybe they have sensory sensitivities, and being embraced sends their system into overdrive. They could also have a chronic pain condition that causes allodynia, meaning even the slightest touch is excruciatingly painful. Or perhaps they’re uncomfortable with physical affection because of past trauma.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that hugs aren’t for everyone – even if you have good intentions. If a friend or family member asks you to refrain from giving hugs, listen to them and respect their wishes. There are so many other ways you can show them how much you care!

And for those of you who either don’t like hugs or experience painful and uncomfortable symptoms upon being hugged, know you’re not alone. Sometimes, laughing along with others in a similar situation can be a powerful coping mechanism. So for all the non-huggers out there, the following memes are for you.

1. When a friend goes in for a hug:

ron swanson looking uncomfortable during a hug
via Netflix

2. When you get hugged without your permission:

when someone hugs you: debbie from 'shameless' looking uncomfortable

3. When someone asks if they can give you a hug:

jerry seinfeld saying "no thanks" when kesha tries to hug him
via Buzzfeed

4. When someone gives you a tight hug and you’re trying to be polite but it really hurts:

meme of man smiling through the pain

5. When people don’t respect your boundaries:

when ur bestie knows you hate being touched but they hug you anyway
via Buzzfeed

6. When you’re very serious about your personal space:

when you're tired of people standing close to you: man wearing hula hoop around him
via @relatable_posts_7797 Instagram

7. When people ask what you value in life:

ryan reynolds shooing away a woman with a fork and saying "Oh, my personal space"
via Tenor

8. When you can’t think about hugs without being reminded of the pain:

I had a hug once... it was awful
via quickmeme

9. When you try to make yourself seem very unapproachable to avoid hugs:

you look like you need a hug. me: man covered in spikes
via @queenofpain69 Instagram

10. When someone surprises you with a hug and your senses go into overdrive:

when your bff sneaks up and surprises you from behind with a hug: aria from game of thrones screaming
via Sizzle

11. When you’re next in line to receive a hug:

when a person is going around giving hugs and they're almost to you: barney holding up stop sign
via @deb_lifts112 Instagram

12. When you love hugs but they’re just too painful:

small dog sipping from juice box labeled "need a hug juice"
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13. When a person approaches your personal space:

kuzco saying "whoa! no touchy" in the emperor's new groove
via Imgur

14. When your friends really get you:

text message that says "since you don't like real hugs" and a gif of a virtual hug
via @jaymudd Instagram